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About Carmen Lam

Carmen Lam Welcome to Carmen Lam ( Zhao WenQing ) Fine Art Collections of Original Ink and Color Painting, Calligraphy, Art Prints & Products for Home Deco, Interior Design & Gift Giving.

I was a visual artist. I love ink-color painting and calligraphy my life. I am from China. Now I live in Michigan United Started America. I love the wisdom of traditional Chinese culture, and I have worked in art design and exhibitions in China. I also learned from the famous artist Chen Yongkang to study Chinese painting art.

I was honored to be invited to Chinese calligraphy demonstrations at local Chinese New Year parties and the local community college Chinese Culture Festival. I was also honored to be invited to get into a new breed of musical created by Dr.Quincy Dobbs. My work for the musical 'Three Pekes in a Pod' is on art design and painting. I was very happy and honored to see people love and collect my artwork.

Art is a journey of souls, never-ending. I have incorporated my life experience, the spiritual Zen retreat of my soul, to express the world's beauty, love, sunlight, nature, and harmony of the world. Real art is the same living, inspired by human beings. Thank you for visiting my gallery. I hope you can find a smile and something that you would be proud to grace your home/office or give to a loved one. Blessings......! Carmen Lam.

Each purchase ships worldwide and comes with a 30-DAY money-back guarantee. Please send me a private message if you have any questions or requests.

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